Wilkommen, Bienvenue and Benvenuto! to the Sky Lodge

For many people, the most recognisable symbol of affluence in the early Noughties was the Ski Holiday. Millions of pounds were routinely spent on shiny pink and silver jackets, oversized sunglasses and woolly hats with funny bobbles. These items would only be used for two weeks of the year, but for that year at least, were regarded as essential possessions. This was promptly followed by a frantic search through Conde Nast for the latest featured destination to which hordes of people would jet off to, pad themselves up with thermals and then fall over in the snow before the real holiday began at the Après Ski.

It was here at the lodge that the snow seekers would come together to bond alongside a log fire, drink copious amounts of warming alcohol and share an agreement that what happens off piste stays off piste. Now in these slightly more frugal times, the ski holiday might seem like an unnecessary luxury, an expense most hard working individuals could ill afford. For some it may even appear to be a fond memory consigned to distant times of plenty never to be revisited… This needn’t be the case anymore!

Apres Ski indulgence is back and best of all can be found on your very own doorstep! Offering a special one off treat this Christmas, Platterform will bring the Alps to London recreating and reinventing the best of seasonal shenanigans, festive frolics and winter warming.

Working with underground performance collective Where The Wild Things Were (WTWTW), Platterform will take up a two week residency at a secret rooftop retreat under the shadow of the mountainous Shard building. By purchasing a Sky Pass guests will have the opportunity to meet with fully qualified guides at London Bridge to embark on a short and pleasant trek to the hideaway, sampling local produce and revealing areas of natural beauty along the way. Ascending up on the ski lift to the Sky Lodge they will discover an architecturally award winning and beautiful venue. This tardis like space (the landlords have assured us that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside) will offer a warm and friendly welcome, not to mention entertainment that will surprise and delight.

WTWTW have devised a variety of quirky short performances inspired by customs from mountainous regions across the world. Two such performances, the ‘Slapdance’ and the ‘Lumberjack Battle’ are fresh takes on the Bavarian ‘Shuhplattler’ and ‘Holzhacker’ folk dances and will see the eccentric residents of the Sky Lodge pit themselves against each other for supremacy and egotistical pride. Others such as the Once-Upon-a-Time Storytelling and Christmas Carol Capers taking place in front of the Drawing Room’s fireplace will invite visitors to engage and participate if they so desire. Panoramic projected art will sit in harmony with the Sky Lodge’s own spectacular views where bespoke installations and curiosities are concealed in unexpected places.

Taking you to dizzying heights, colourful characters will always be on hand to amuse and intrigue with their own unique hosting skills whilst serving up locally foraged Alpine style food accompanied by Giant Lager, festive cocktails and delicious winter warmers supplied by speakeasy specialists The Firewater Society.

The holiday starts here. Wrap up warm and see you on the slopes!


Opening Times:

7th -17th December 2011, Wednesday to Saturday, 5pm to 10pm.

Also available for private hire and Christmas parties throughout December.


Book in advance for only £6 to guarantee your exclusive Alpine experience in London. Includes guided tour and complimentary homemade marshmallows.

Tickets at the door are £7


The SkyRoom, 5th Floor Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TU





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Images courtesy of Arta Kane and Caz Brown


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