November 2012

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SkyMarket inspiration for the final 3 weeks…


Without the need or desire for socio-political debate, our featuring chefs retrace their routes to discover the origins and development of their own culture and the impact colonisation, trade and assimilation had on their particular cuisine.

Focusing on the East Indies (namely Indonesia) colonised by the British, Portuguese and Dutch to the West Indies (Caribbean islands) colonised by the Spanish, British and French, one can start to understand how, what, when and why certain food products, cooking techniques and dining styles became established and gained such popularity.

From the Dutch colonist’s conception of the rijstafel (rice table) designed to enjoy 7 to 40 Indonesian dishes in one meal to the British colonist’s  introduction of tea drinking and African food staples loved by Jamaicans, our inspirational market menu invites you to a taste experience through time and space- exotic yet familiar, distant yet close to home, historic yet timeless!

Last chance!

Running until 17th November, this 3 week menu concludes our gastronomical SkyMarket journey.

Booking in advance offers a complete meal where you may choose between the East Indies taster menu, West Indies taster menu or East & West combo menu each priced at £30 per person. Go to to view our full menu details and to book. Only 40 spaces available for dinner per night!

Pre-booking guarantees a table, however you are equally welcome to casually come along if you would prefer to order a la carte or simply come up for drinks (winter warmers now also available).


SkyMarket opening times:

Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 10pm



Apres Ski indulgence is back with the SkyLodge 2!

As we enter the festive season, we are pleased to offer you another chance to enjoy the best of seasonal shenanigans, festive frolics and winter warming- bringing back the Alps to a London Bridge rooftop.

Serving up locally foraged Alpine style food accompanied by festive cocktails and delicious winter warmers, the Skyroom will only be available for Christmas party bookings/ private hires this year due to overwhelming demand!

If you weren’t there last year, please check our previous SkyLodge posts to see what it’s all about.

Dates available from 20th November until 2oth December.

Please email or call 07424 680659 for packages and all other enquiries.



The Skyroom

5th Floor Magdalen House

148 Tooley Street









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