Local gins go wild!

Wild and Foraged ingredients- the perfect inspiration for the Gin Shed’s ongoing botanical experiment at the Skyroom…

Our resident gin ‘heads’ were delighted when the Foragers agreed to join them at their rooftop abode for a whole month of flavour pairing, in-house preserving and cocktail creation using the unusual wild ingredients George and Gerald of the Foragers have been busy scouring our great countryside for.

Ever heard of Douglas fir or woodruff? or stinging nettles in cocktails?!…

To highlight the ethos of the Foragers and their unique approach to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of life, this month’s Gin Shed cocktails feature a fleet of new locally produced gins from London postcodes such as SW4, SE1, W6 and N6. Not far to go to get a good tipple! It has taken London over 200 years to bring back and establish its own local distilleries. Well done chaps- thanks for all the love, the hard work and the fabulous GIN!


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